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New Jersey General Contractor Specializing in Remodeling, Renovations, & Building Custom Homes

True Color Construction is a trusted name in the construction industry, proudly serving both Monmouth County, Ocean County, and surrounding New Jersey communities since 1951. As a fully insured and licensed general contractor, True Color Construction has earned the reputation for having an unwavering commitment to excellence in every project they undertake, whether it's: remodeling, renovations, or building custom homes. With a history spanning over seven decades and two generations, True Color Construction continues to be a beacon of reliability and craftsmanship for the residents of New Jersey.

True Color Construction proudly serves the residents of Monmouth County, Ocean County & and surrounding New Jersey communities

Remodeling Contractor in New Jersey

True Color Construction is a premier remodeling contractor in New Jersey dedicated to transforming homes in Monmouth County and Ocean County with precision and style. Specializing in a spectrum of services, including kitchen remodels, bathroom remodeling, home additions, basement finishing, and constructing new decks, True Color Construction brings a commitment to excellence to every New Jersey remodeling project.

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With a team of skilled remodeling contractors, True Color Construction not only meets but exceeds client expectations, ensuring that each remodel reflects the true essence of the homeowner's vision. Whether it's a sleek and modern kitchen, a luxurious bathroom retreat, a functional and stylish addition, a cozy basement revamp, or a picturesque deck, True Color Construction blends creativity and craftsmanship to deliver results that stand the test of time. Their attention to detail and dedication to quality make them a smart choice for homeowners seeking a seamless and transformative remodeling experience in New Jersey.

Remodeling Contractor New Jersey
Renovation Contractor New Jersey

Renovations in New Jersey

True Color Construction stands as the premier renovation specialist in the heart of New Jersey, catering to the distinctive needs of Monmouth County and Ocean County residents. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, True Color Construction transforms homes into personalized havens, elevating living spaces through meticulous renovations. Specializing in revitalizing existing structures, they bring a wealth of expertise to every renovation project, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. 

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Whether it's breathing new life into outdated kitchens, rejuvenating tired bathrooms, or revamping entire living spaces, the renovation experts at True Color Construction have a skillful touch and a keen eye for detail. Primarily working in Monmouth County and Ocean County, they've become synonymous with quality renovations, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds the unique visions of their clients. Put your trust in True Color Construction for your next home renovation and your project will be in good hands.  Contact us today, we look forward to working with you.

Custom Home Builder in New Jersey

True Color Construction emerges as a distinguished custom home builder in the dynamic landscape of New Jersey, specializing in crafting dream residences for the discerning residents of Monmouth County and Ocean County. Grounded in precision and innovation, True Color Construction transforms aspirations into architectural marvels. Focusing on the art of building custom homes, they guide clients through the entire process, from conceptualization to the final touches.

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Each custom home reflects a harmonious blend of individual style and superior craftsmanship, ensuring that every project is a unique testament to the client's vision. Serving Monmouth County and Ocean County, True Color Construction has earned a reputation as a custom home builder that turns dreams into reality, creating not just homes but distinctive masterpieces tailored to the desires of each homeowner.  When your ready to build your dream home, trust the experience and attention to detail that True Color Construction brings to the table.  Contact us today and let's chat about building your new custom home.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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